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Make your website more engaging with video, images, audio, and more. Embed turns any URL into embeddable content. Turn drab links into enticing content that keeps people on your site—and keeps them coming back.

You want to embed content—from many sources—into your website or apps. And you want it to look great across browsers and mobile devices. We’ve done the work for you. You can get started with Embed in minutes, and begin using more embeddable content from all the best providers today.

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Embed supports more than 250 content providers. Video, audio, photos, products, and more—embed the content your users crave. No need to modify code if providers change the way they deliver content; the Embedly team does it for you.


Your users are on the move. Join them. Make sure your embedded content works and looks great—on apps and websites—from any mobile device.



Add the content your users want—where they want it—in seconds. See how easy it is to embed images and more inline.


Ideal for embedding video and other rich content while delivering a consistently great user experience. Learn how to conserve pixels using modals.


Make the comments section of your website more engaging with image and video embeds.


Put safety first. Purchase additional security support.


Include embeddable content in your site—with peace of mind. Embed with SSL support delivers API responses over a secure HTTPS connection, giving your users confidence that they’re safe when visiting your site.


Protect users and your site from malicious content. XSS protection ensures that embeds are served in an iFrame—preventing bad HTML, hacking, and script injections—which could harm your site or interfere with a great user experience.



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