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Provide a clean, responsive, and shareable card for any content on the web. Use them to make your posts easier to share and repost.

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7,358,400 Minutes Watched

100 Million Minutesare spent watching Embedly embeds daily

40% of Users Engaged

40% of Usersengage with a card

40 Million Monthly Impressions

90 Millionmonthly impressions of Cards

500 Million API Requests

500 MillionAPI requests served Monthy


With the Embedly API you can get great content, make it beautiful, and understand how people use it. For any company on the web, this will build a more engaging product.

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TINT's display feed utilizes Embedly's API. By outsourcing this task, we're able to save ourselves a lot of time and technical issues.

The Local Stories Project curates interesting stories from our member stations. Embedly takes the story links and automatically displays them at local.npr.org. The cards fit with our design and save us from using additional resources.

Finding relevant content is essential for us. By using Embedly, we’re able to outsource that part and provide quality articles to our readers.