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Add media, measure engagement, and take action. Embedly provides tools for custom media integrations, audience insights, and campaigns to drive your content.

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Add Any Media to Your Site

Turn any URL into embeddable content. Embedly makes your site more engaging with images, articles, videos, and rich media. You can choose from three tools to start embedding, pick the best one for you:

Cards are the easiest way to embed any media to your site.


Easiest to Use

The quickest way to start, and no programming required. Clean design and responsive for images, articles, videos & rich media.

For more customization, use Embed.  Add videos, photos, and rich media into websites and apps.


Most Popular

More flexibility and customization than Cards. Add videos, photos, and rich media into websites and apps.

Natural language processing and text analysis to retrieve elements and text from articles for smarter use in websites and apps


Most Powerful

Get more features on top of Embed. Use colors, text, keywords, and entities from articles.

Use Display to automatically crop, fill, and resize images. Render images faster on any screen. It can be used alone or alongside Embed and Extract.

Your Own Video Service

Video is everywhere, make it your own. The most flexible and programmable video platform.

Flexible and scalable tool for video upload and play.


Include your own customizable video service for your websites and apps with this API for video upload and play.

Embedly Integration Features

Once you've added embeds and videos with Embedly, the real power of the platform becomes available. Use these features to increase engagement and drive traffic.


Surface the gems and make data driven decisions on your audio and video embeds.


Automatically display your similar content after a video is watched to increase recirculation.


Drive traffic to specific media by highlighting it in the recommendations.

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