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Cards provide a clean, responsive, and shareable card for any content on the web.

Use them to make your posts easier to share and repost across the web. You can also include rich content from other sites in your own posts with Cards.


Cards allow you to publish content into your social networks with built-in sharing, tweeting, and reposting.

Social posting and sharing with Cards.

Recommended Content

Provide your audience with additional videos based on their personal viewing habits to increase page views and improve their online experience.


Cards are responsive and adapt to automatically fit the sites they are placed in.

Responsive Cards for Everyone.


40% of Users will click, hover, or view Cards with videos, images, and rich media.

Social posting and sharing with Cards.
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While Embedly has our own analytics dashboard, we know this doesn't always fit with every user's workflow. If you're using Cards, Embedly will send events in your Google Analytics dashboard! You can see clicks on social buttons, plays of a video and even when a user clicks on a video recommendation.

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Embed Tools

Embed Button

Place the Embed button on your website alongside other share buttons to allow bloggers to easily share and repost your content with a Card.

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Visit any URL and click the Embed bookmarklet to instantly generate a customizable Card for that URL.

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On Your Site

Cards work with any blogging and publishing service that allows custom HTML. After generating a new Card, just paste the code into the HTML of your article or blog post. It's as simple as that!

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Customization of Cards.

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Use Branded Cards to help connect with consumers outside of your website. Complete with engagement analytics so you know what captures your audience's attention.
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Social posting and sharing with Cards.


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