Cards: Embed Any Content and Grow Your Audience

Cards are the easiest way to leverage Embedly. For any media, Cards provide a responsive embed with built-in embed analytics and recommendations.

Create an Embedly account to see your analytics, set targeted recommendations, and remove branding. For more customization, see the API.

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Top Brands and Publishers Use Cards to Better Engage Their Audience

Get Cards for Any Media

40% of Users will click, hover, or view Cards with videos, images, and rich media.

Social posting and sharing with Cards.

Designed to be beautiful on your site

Cards are responsive and adapt to automatically fit any site they are placed in.

Responsive Cards for Everyone.

Surface your Best Content with Analytics

Learn what content your viewers love by tracking referrals, impressions, watch time and more. Cards also automatically send events to your Google Analytics dashboard.

Analytics with Cards.

Increase views with powerful recommendations

Give your audience videos they'll love with recommendations based on the embed analytics.

Drive traffic with Promotions

Pick articles and media you want to drive traffic to. These will take priority in your recommendations.

Integrate Cards On Your Site

Integration is as easy as including a line of javascript. Check out the Cards documentation to programmatically create cards on your site.

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