Start Adding Embeds and Videos for Free

Included with every Embedly account are base levels of each and every tool, free.
This is great for integration and ramping up. Upgrade when you need to.



Add clean and responsive embeds for anything.



5,000 URLs
Programmatically add media to your site.



5,000 URLs
Mine important features within articles.



25,000 Images
Automatically crop and resize images.



12 Videos
Upload, encode, and serve videos across your site. Limit to first 30 seconds.

Upgrade for More

If the usage of one of the tools you’re using exceeds our free tier,
you can upgrade that individual tool to one of our base monthly plans.
A paid account include media analytics, content promotions, and email support

Cards & Embed

$19 / month

  • Unlimited Cards
  • No Embedly Branding
  • 50,000 API URLs

Free to get started, Upgrade anytime


$49 / month

  • 50,000 URLs
  • Machine Learning & Heuristics for Extracton

Free to get started, Upgrade anytime


$9 / month

  • 50,000 Images
  • Secure Delivery
  • Dynamic Processing

Free to get started, Upgrade anytime


$23 / month

  • 30 Full Videos
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Speed & Device Optimization

Free to get started, Upgrade anytime

Calculate Your Usage

Embedly offers metered pricing based on your usage per month.
You can browse the products pricing below, and find more details in the FAQ.


Enter the number of URLs you expect to use to see your pricing.

Price: $FREE

Overage URLs

Sometimes you may use more than you think. Rarely does this happen, but at a fraction of a cent, it's nothing to sweat about.

First 250,000$0.0007/URL
Next 500,000$0.0006/URL
Next 1,000,000$0.0005/URL
Next 4,000,000$0.0004/URL
First 250,000$0.0009/URL
Next 500,000$0.0008/URL
Next 1,000,000$0.0007/URL
Next 4,000,000$0.0006/URL
First 250,000$0.0002/URL
Next 500,000$0.00015/URL
Next 1,000,000$0.0001/URL
Next 4,000,000$0.00009/URL
First 250$0.98/URL
Next 500$0.95/URL
Next 1,000$0.91/URL
Next 4,000$0.86/URL
Embedly Enterprise

Looking for an enterprise account? Don't see the right plan? Let us know.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I need a copy of my invoices, where can I find them?

All of your invoices can be found online, and downloaded at any time. To grab them, log into your account by going to, click Manage, then click Billing.

Do I need to enter a credit card for the free plans?

Nope! Our free plans are free, and we mean it. You’ll never need to enter payment information until you upgrade to paid levels.

What happens if I am about to exceed my plan?

Not to worry, we’ll send you an email letting you know you’re close to running out so you can upgrade.

How are URLs charged and counted for Embed?

Embed relies on unique URLs. We meter and charge accounts by counting unique URLs requested per hour through our Embed API. If someone makes 1 HTTP request for 3 URLs, their usage meter is increased by 3. The same URL only counts as 1, even if requested multiple times within 1 hour. Embed includes metered pricing for all additional URLs beyond the base 50K URLs, see table above.

How are URLs charged and counted for Extract?

Embedly meters account usage by counting each URL that a developer sends to the Extract API via HTTP requests. This means each time you call 1 URL, it increments monthly usage by 1. Extract includes metered pricing for all additional URLs beyond the base 50K URLs, see table above.

How are images charged for Display?

Embedly meters account usage for Display by counting the number of image requests per month through the Display endpoints. Note that this is not based on uniqueness of the image, but that the image is served by Embedly. This means if you are loading images in your page, each request counts. Display includes metered pricing for all additional URLs beyond the base 50K images, see table above.

What is the 30 second limit for Video?

The free plan for Video is directed towards testing and integration. This plan only uses one transcoding optimized for desktop streaming. With the paid plan multiple transcodings are used to optimize across devices and connection speeds.

What are the rate limits for the API?

The Embed and Extract APIs have a rate limit of 15 requests per second on the free plan and 50 requests per second on the paid plan.