Natural language processing and text analysis to retrieve elements and text from articles for smarter use in websites and apps


Get more value from articles

Extract allows you to mine important features within articles—so you can use written content how you want to. Control colors, text, keywords, and entities in any article on your site. Remove extraneous information. As you automate the way you use articles, you’ll gain insight into your users’ preferences, helping you serve them better.

Add Extract to your front-end toolkit, and you’ll immediately get more from the articles you share on your site and in apps. Like Embedly’s market-leading Embed tool, Extract is as robust and powerful as it is easy to use.

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All juice—no pulp. The Article feature removes unwanted elements from blog posts and articles, leaving you with just the content you want. Stripped of unneeded info, articles display the way you prefer, making your site look great.


Use entity analysis to understand your readers. Learn the who, what, when, and where of the articles that attract users.

Related Articles

Give users the whole story. Take advantage of the intelligence Extract provides about articles to incorporate links to related content.

Learn about Extract features including Keywords, Colors, and Safe Browse.


Natural Language Processing

Apply the power of natural language processing to online articles —and automatically extract entities, keywords, and related articles.


See what people are talking about on your site. Use Extract to search and filter status updates by keywords.

Colors Filter

Use Extract to pull dominant colors from multiple images and build unique visual experiences.


Keep your users safe. Additional security available for purchase.


Use the SSL protocol to ensure security in conjunction with Extract. SSL support delivers API responses over a secure HTTPS connection, helping your users safely enjoy shared articles.


Go beyond Safe Browse. Use XSS protection to serve videos and embeds within articles in iFrames for additional security.



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