Video is the most flexible tool for video upload and serving.


Upload Video and play, right on your sites and apps. Video allows you to upload video content from anywhere with the flexible API and serve it in a customizable player. From user generated content to high production videos, Video gives you seamless video upload and serving.

Upload Anywhere

Integrate video upload right into your sites, apps, and CMS- for both mobile and desktop.

Upload from Anyone

The flexibility of the Video API makes it possible to get videos from your users and your team. It works with user generated content or in-house productions. With video becoming more important than ever, enable your audience to upload videos directly to your service.

See the Video API in Action

Dave uploads a video directly to his favorite site.
He can do this because the site is using the Video API.


Optimized and Scalable

Videos are optimized across a range of mobile and desktop connections. Quick to get started, scales as you do, and if needed- easily export.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Your audience can watch and share your videos all they want, with no additional cost to you.

Real-Time Analytics

Track the number of plays, active viewers, and time watched for the videos on your site. Identify the videos that are most engaging to your unique audience by using our attention maps and discover how far they watch.

Attention minutes for all your embeds.


Security as tight as it gets with SSL and XSS/Frames. API responses are delivered over a secure HTTPS connection and embeds served in an IFrame. Hacking, bad HTML and script injection won't break through these walls.

Embedly hosts SSL supported embeds.


If you need help, or have a quick question, you've come to the right place. We're here to help you. Don't forget to check out the docs page and community forum as well.


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Also Features

Make it Yours

Customize the look and feel of the player to fit your brand.

Historical Analytics

Get plays for all of your videos over weeks and months, revealing trends over time.