Analytics on every Embed. Track Attention Metrics-Sessions, Plays, Watch Time and more.

Embedly Analytics are the first step to making data driven decisions on your audio and video embeds. We track plays, viewing duration, shares and more. Goodbye are the days of hard to read data, and hello are the days to actionable metrics.

Attention Metrics

Learn what content your viewers are engaging with. Track referrals, impressions, watch time and more. Get the complete picture with our attention minutes metrics.

Track Attention Minutes.

Segment Analytics

Segment Analytics let you see what parts of your video are actually being watched. With our easy to understand heat map, you'll be able to identify which parts of the video are engaging to your viewers.

Mobile Embeds for all your devices.

Weekly Summary Emails

Get a weekly overview of your plays, visits, and video watched metrics. This also includes the embeds and pages that are getting the most attention.


If you need help, or have a quick question, you've come to the right place. We're here to help you. Don't forget to check out the docs page and community forum as well.

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