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How Tint Uses Embedly

Creating deeper customer engagement, one social status at a time

About Tint

Tint is a self-service platform that allows organizations to create social hubs in minutes. Use them to engage audiences anywhere. Tint is the go-to platform for companies to organize all their social media feeds in one display- across any website, event display, Facebook page, jumbotron, mobile app, and admin panel. Over 40,000 brands around the world rely on Tint to help build stronger relationships with their customers. People are relying on Tint to strengthen the impact of their events and communities. Much of the consumer interaction with Tint takes places digitally-with Tint embedding tweets, status or images users provide. Tint’s goal is to drive deeper relationships with customers, and to help brands flourish in a marketplace, one that is competing for your attention. Tint’s technology is essential in their growth, as each need to display correctly, across every site, jumbotron and screen.

The volume, size, and needs of Tint’s client list, made maintaining an API in house out of the question, and left them looking for reliable partners who could grow with their needs. As a lean startup with five engineers on staff, Tint started to look for some external options.

The Question Why and How to Manage Social Channels?

Tint’s concept of integrating users across multiple networks into one place is game changing in how companies consume and serve social media. While the moving landscape of social engagement continues to be an obstacle for some, Tint know’s it’s a powerful tool that can push your business forward. Connecting users across multiple platforms, at the right time, in a relevant way isn’t easy, especially with diverse consumer bases. With the big social networks having billions of users combined, Tint needed a reliable way to bring these communities together.

The Answer Embedly and Tint for All Your Social Embeds.

Tint is committed to building brand loyalty, not software programs and API’s. Tint looks to Embedly to manage the API that pulls information into their database which powers the campaigns. This integration was built into the business plan, and has been working from the very beginning. With Embedly, Tint can focus on their core mission, to help drive deeper relationships.

Tint relies solely on Embedly as the dedicated team to proactively manage the API to pull information into the database, which is needed to generate the leading platform for social media displays. From the number of engineers needed, to the savings in server hosting costs, relying on experts to handle the API is a must. That’s why, using Embedly is critical in Tint’s overall growth plan.

Embedly helps to power Tint’s social campaigns on a daily basis for big name brands like Pottery Barn, Sony, and the Dallas Cowboys. Tint’s utilization of Embedly’s API, means the content displays correctly, every time, on every device. What could be better for your brand's social strategy? Nothing, it’s that simple.