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Pick what's valuable to you with Extract. Extract allows you to mine important features within articles—so you can use written content how you want to. Control colors, text, keywords, and entities in any article on your site. Remove extraneous information. As you automate the way you use articles, you’ll gain insight into your users’ preferences, helping you serve them better.


All juice—no pulp. The Article feature removes extraneous information from blog posts and articles, leaving you with just the content you want. Stripped of unneeded info, articles display the way you prefer, making your site look great.

Extract Article Content.


Automate the way you work with keywords in articles. The Keywords feature identifies and ranks relevant keywords—so you can more easily sort, search, and categorize the content on your site.

API for Extracting Keywords.


Extract colors to make your site and apps more beautiful. With the Color feature, you can process the dominant colors of an image, more easily complete color-based layouts, and give users options based on color.

Extract Dominant Colors from Images.


Security as tight as it gets with SSL and XSS/Frames. API responses are delivered over a secure HTTPS connection and embeds served in an IFrame. Hacking, bad HTML and script injection won't break through these walls.

Embedly hosts SSL supported embeds.


If you need help, or have a quick question, you've come to the right place. We're here to help you. Don't forget to check out the docs page and community forum as well.


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