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How Reddit Uses Embedly

Consume, Comment and Submit Content You Care About

About Reddit

Reddit is the world’s largest community hub, where registered members can link to and discuss anything they’re interested in, including articles, images, videos and other media rich content. In January of 2015, Reddit had over 159 million unique visitors viewing over 7 billion pages from 214 countries.

The Question How to embed for the masses?

Reddit thrives on the high volume of visitors, members, and content. This made the challenge of embedding large amounts of media something they needed to embrace rather than shy away from. reddit needed to focus on building their product platform and developing a loyal audience, instead of spending valuable time on the ins and outs of an API to embed content. This left them with the need to find a reliable vendor with a system to do it for them.

The Answer Reddit and Embedly sharing stories.

When determining how to proceed, reddit had two options: to build or partner. It quickly became clear that to build would be far less efficient considering the small number of first party oembed providers with fragmented expectations and the large variety of media that exists on the web today. Embedly was a natural choice who had proven themselves to be able to capably handle reddit's traffic.

The Results Millions of links shared across communities.

Embedly has become a very useful resource for reddit. The engineering team at reddit uses Embedly to display media beautifully inline and resolve operational issues with limited involvement. The collaboration between the two companies helps redditors to be active members on the reddit platform day in and day out, adding value to what people see, read and watch daily across over 8,300 active reddit communities.