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How PublishThis Uses Embedly

Curated quality content for your Readers'

About PublishThis

PublishThis is a content marketing management platform, combining original messages with curated articles on-site, so viewers move through funnels seamlessly, helping to drive traffic in the places you want them. More and more people are relying on PublishThis to power their content and publishing.

The Question How to Give Customers The Content They Want?

PublishThis has about 100 customers who reach thousands of readers on a daily basis. When PublishThis first set out to solve the issue around providing current content mixed with your own, they knew it was an ever changing landscape. PublishThis wondered how to keep up with the ever changing trends, new methods on following stories, and where to source them from. As a tool for businesses, the consistency of each embed is imperative to their overall success along with their clients.

Their algorithms, Big Data smarts, and simple software, make it possible for the right people to be seeing the right content. The PublishThis content cloud matches content and sources to other related articles, providing their readers with what they want more of to populate websites, newsletters and social media feeds. With a plethora of companies who count on them, like Cox Media, Fandango, and The Boston Globe, PublishThis needed some reliable partners to make this happen.

PublishThis solved the question on how to curate relevant articles for their viewers’ eyes, but the question was, how it was going to get to there. The team of engineers who built the algorithm, were experts in publishing, not in developing an API to embed content. The cost in the initial development, maintaining the server, and hosting costs meant creating one in house wasn’t an option. They also looked at options outside of Embedly, but came up empty handed.

The Answer The New Way to Insert Content Across Every Site.

PublishThis succeeds by sticking to their core goals. With tools from Embedly, they now have the power to embed articles across a variety of platforms. The combination of PublishThis’ algorithm and Embedly’s API, produces quality content day in and day out.

The first step PublishThis took was setting up Embedly’s Embed API to deliver content to a variety of their clients sites. This process is the engine behind the embedded content. Embedly also has an Extract API which enables users to mine specific features from sites that PublishThis relies on.

As a result of implementing Embedly as a tool, PublishThis is now able to power the embedding needs of their clients, like Overstock, SAP and Ishade.