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How NPR Uses Embedly

Discover, Share, and View Local Stories

About NPR Local

The NPR Local Stories Project is a collaborative project between NPR Digital Services and Member Stations that produces stories from regions across the country. The Local Stories Project has improved the way stories travel, so they go even further. NPR Digital Services teamed up with Member Stations from 32 different states, to find and share stories that local communities care about.

The Question How to let the stories travel further?

The goal of the Local Stories Project is to partner with stations to help them achieve a recognizable identity, impact and reach on digital platforms. The project was developed to provide another platform for member stations stories to land. With stations across the country producing content twenty four hours a day, an automatic system needed to be put in place for the project to succeed.

The Answer NPR and Embedly sharing stories.

The Local Stories Project utilizes Embedly’s Cards to automatically share all the stories collected from the member stations. Each story becomes a card on the Local Stories Project homepage, making it part of the automatic feed. NPR looked at creating the solution in house, and saw the time and cost associated was prohibitive. NPR knew the reliable automation of the service would be essential in the success of the project.