Becoming an Embedly Provider

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A short description about your site.

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A link to a transparent logo at least 300 pixels wide. Embedly uses this for your site's provider detail page. Example

Developers may require Embedly to show Do Not Track (DNT) warnings before rendering an embed, if you support DNT, please provide an HTTPS link to your policy, here is's Policy. If you are not familar with handling DNT for your site, you can review this article:How Medium handles DNT.


We classify all embeds under 3 types. "photo", "rich" or "video".

  • photo: Embed is an image, i.e. Flickr, Instagram or Imgur.
  • video: Embed is a video, i.e. YouTube, Vine or Vimeo.
  • rich: Embed is not either of the two above, i.e SoundCloud or Slideshare

The oEmbed API Enpoint as described by the spec

A Regex that we can use to match what parts of your domain we should look at when allowing people to embed your content. Part of the oEmbed spec

Example URLs. A list of URLs that Embedly can test the integration with.

Please go through and verify these requirements before submitting this provider request.

The Embed must be responsive and, at minimum, work between 280 and 600 pixels. By checking this box you are confirming that your embed is responsive.

Developers use Embedly on both http and https sites. In order to reduce errors, we need all embeds to function over https without browser warnings

If your embed is either video or audio, Embedly requires that you implement Player.js into your media so our developers can interact with your embed via JavaScript. Your embed must pass all the Player.js tests. You can learn more about adding a Player.js Receiver here.


If you have any addition information that Embedly needs, please make a note of it here.