Y Combinator

Y Combinator is a new kind of venture firm specializing in funding early stage startups. They help startups through what is for many the hardest step, from idea to company.


betaworks believes in the power of the real-time social web. They believe that the popularity in the real-time and social aspects of the web represent a radical shift in how people use and interact with the Internet. The future is about dynamic streams of information, not static pages. It's about push, not pull; it's about enabling publishing tools and data; and it's about the ways we touch, experience and interact with the Internet and each other. With this as their focus, betworks builds and invests in great companies.

SV Angel

SV Angel is an angel venture fund founded by Ron Conway and David Lee.

Lowercase Capital

At Lowercase Capital, they invest in startups, acquire later stage companies, and advise businesses and funds of all sizes on strategy and execution. They take you seriously, and themselves not so seriously.

Venture 51

Venture51 is a seed- and early-stage venture fund built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. We partner with the best founders who are forming at the earliest stages of the emerging Information Technology market.

Social Leverage

Social Leverage LLC is a partnership that invests in exceptional entrepreneurs in the technology space. We partner with promising companies, bringing our own entrepreneurial expertise, relationships, and marketing experience to the fore.

Howard Lindzon

Mr. Lindzon has more than twenty years experience in the financial community acting in both an entrepreneurial and investing capacity. With a unique vision for starting and successfully managing innovative companies, he is the Managing Partner of Social Leverage, a holding company that invests in early stage web businesses.

Adam Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz is the founder and CEO of Articulate and the guy to blame for Screenr.