Legacy Endpoints

These endpoints are part of our original plans: Starter, Basic, Core, and Plus. They will remain entact and usable for users on these plans. As a user of these APIs you will still get new providers, support, and any core extraction algorithm updates. There will however, be no additions to the response attributes or major version updates to the endpoint. If you are interested in checking out some of the latest and greatest APIs, read about Products.

All endpoints accept a similar set of query arguments and return similar response objects.


The preview endpoint was built to allow users to customize embeds. If you are building something similar to the Facebook status message update functionality, then this endpoint is for you. It returns multiple images, objects, and embeds to choose from when creating an embed.

Read the Preview API


The objectify endpoint is the kitchen sink. This endpoint will pass back everything we know about a URL in one shot. It is not as well structured as the previous endpoints and it is only available to supplement those with desires that we could not imagine. Enjoy!

Read the Objectify API