The Embed API follows the oEmbed Spec and is the easiest endpoint to integrate into any site. It returns the title, description, thumbnail, and embed code for any URL. If you are automating embedding URLs, then this endpoint is for you. Embedly already does the work of picking the correct information for you and your users.


To get started, view the documentation for the oEmbed endpoint. This will get you making API calls in no time.

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Take a look at some of our tutorials on using Embed in your blog and social or mobile application.

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There are many query arguments that allow you to customize the Embed API responses. This includes arguments to resize embed or even adjust the number words in a description field.

Check out the Embed - Query Arguments


All endpoints offer a key based or oAuth for authentication.

Check out the Authentication


These are the features of the Embed product and its API endpoints.


Embedly supports over 250 video, photo and rich media providers for you to embed with. All you need to do is send us a link to any of the supported providers and we will return embed code or image url for you to add to your site or application.

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Many content providers have added support for mobile embeds, by using the Embed product, our API will automatically switch in/out the correct embed code based on your mobile or web user agent.

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Security and Extra

These security features are available at an extra cost with the Embed product.


For sites that require XSS protection, by adding a query argument to your API calls the Embed API endpoints will wrap all embeds in a hosted IFrame for any embed.

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For sites that require SSL, by adding a query argument to your API calls the Embed API endpoints will send back an SSL hosted IFrame for any embed.

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