Sean Creeley - Embedly

Sean Creeley - Founder

Sean co-founded Embedly in 2010 and currently serves as its CEO. Prior to Embedly, Sean worked as a Open Source Software consultant in Boston. Sean graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering. He currently lives in Oakland, CA.

Art Gibson - Embedly

Art Gibson - Founder

Art co-founded Embedly in 2010 and always has on a few different hats. Art is the man behind support, working with content providers and making sure the lights stay on. Prior to Embedly, Art worked as a Open Source Software consultant in Boston. Art graduated from University of Connecticut with a Computer Science and Electrical Engineering degree.

Bob Corsaro - Embedly

Bob Corsaro - Engineer

Bob is an engineer at Embedly and deals with the big problems around scale. Bob sets up servers, wrangles Chef, is our go to Linux guy. Prior to Embedly, Bob worked as a Open Source Software consultant in Boston. Bob graduated from Salem High School and currently resides in Haverhill MA.

Andy Pellett - Embedly

Andy Pellett - Engineer

Andy is responsible for Embedly's image analysis library, which takes care of extracting useful information from images. Andy has a Master's in Computer Engineering from the University of Maine.

Kawandeep Virdee - Embedly

Kawandeep Virdee - Developer Advocate

Kawandeep works on product and growth at Embedly. You're likely to see him at local meetups and hackathons. Previously, he researched at the New England Complex Systems Institute, using data mining and sentiment extraction to explore media sharing in social networks. He graduated from the George Washington University with degrees in Physics and Applied Mathematics.

Laura Bucci - Embedly

Laura Bucci - Marketing

Laura is our digital marketing guru and publisher advocate. She works on a myriad of projects that help us articulate what we do here at Embedly. Laura has two degrees from Babson College and lives in Needham, MA.

Dave Rouse - Embedly

Dave Rouse - Account Executive

Dave works with current and new clients making sure they find the right solutions for their websites. After you sign up with Embedly, you will most likely receive an email from Dave to make sure everything is going smoothly. Prior to Embedly, Dave worked at the Fenn school in the admissions and athletic departments, where he coached football, basketball and baseball. He graduated from Lesley University and currently resides in Maynard, MA.

Steph Bianchi - Embedly

Steph Bianchi - Designer

Steph is our lead designer working on Embedly's product design, collateral, and branding. Her favorite color is Pantone PMS 346; her second favorite color is organization. Her sensibilities are influenced by her background with architecture; she often dives into distinct project components including visual/interactive design, coding, or conceptual planning. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a degree in Graphic Design and she currently lives in Cambridge, MA. When she's not working on making functional, user-friendly, and attractive, she divides her free time between drinking her weight in coffee and introducing herself to other people’s pets.

Joshua Felder - Embedly

Joshua Felder - Employee of the Month

Joshua helps handle our support and finances, along with other responsibilities that help Embedly run as a company. Joshua graduated from the University of Connecticut and lives in Malden, MA.

Chris Stiteler - Embedly

Chris Stiteler - Engineer

Chris is a generalist engineer at Embedly, meaning he helps where he's needed. This could mean debugging more complex support issues, adding embed providers, etc.